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School Closure/ important updates/ links/ messages/ on line learning

Week 15 PE at Home

Week 14 PE at Home

PE at Home WC 29-6-2020

PE Handball WC 22-6-2020

Kindness Matters - Mental Health Foundation - Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

YEAR FOUR  had a short collective worship session at the end of our class zoom chat today in honour of International Nurses Day.


Mrs Raymond had  put a candle template on her class pages and some of the children have coloured them in and written their own prayers.  Lucy and Maraya shared their prayers during our collective worship whilst we all looked at the flickering candle. We  also shared a prayer for nurses and healthcare workers and we finished with a Hail Mary which all of the children joined in for.


It was really lovely and I know that Miss Price also enjoyed it.  We are missing praying together during this difficult time.

Just a little something from us all at school... we miss you.

Hello Reception!

I miss you so much. I have been busy tidying up the Reception class and cleaning our lovely carpet. It is so lonely without your lovely faces and voices filling the room with laughter and joy of learning. I hope you are all being really good for your Mums and Dads and that you are having a go at some of the learning on our website and you have found my stories on there too.

I will ring you all again soon.

Take good care and keep smiling!

Mrs Nixon

Hi to Reception Class

Zoom Calls Letter

Dear Parents and pupils,

We hope that you are all keeping safe and well and are following the government's instructions regarding staying at home. We know that this is difficult and we miss you all dearly but we must follow the instructions.

Please access the learning websites/ links we have posted and look at your child's class pages for further information and resources. We hope this helps. Do what you can- home schooling is not an easy task.

If you have been receiving FSM vouchers we are just waiting for the release of vouchers for this week. Please keep checking your emails if you are eligible.

Class teachers will be making their weekly calls this week- they really look forward to speaking to you and finding out how you all are.

The school office is open for calls but due to limited staffing please call between 11-12 each day if you have a query. Alternatively, please email

The following resource can also be used at home - some reflective and prayerful sessions each week.


Please keep safe and well. We miss you all.


A recommended site from the DfE for daily lessons - very useful.

Dear Parents and Guardians


We are all aware of the very challenging times that we are facing but all of us at the Music Service in Birmingham are determined to continue to provide support for each of our pupils and their families. Whilst we are currently developing different levels of support, we will liaise with you as a parent/guardian by offering guidance and practice tips (via email) on a weekly basis and also share with you scanned parts should you need them.


We are currently investigating how we can provide video support, online tuition and learning both securely and safely, in the meantime we want to support all our pupils as much as possible and are therefore happy to receive audio recordings of pupils, via email, on which teachers can comment on.


Although our team members are not physically in schools we are still at work and happy to support. We will update you when we have more information to share and you may wish to visit the following web page that is being updated as soon as we have more information:


We will do our utmost to support you and your children during this extremely difficult time. We would be grateful for your patience whilst we work out the finer details and will be back in touch with you just as soon as possible.


Best wishes

Stuart Birnie
Head of Music Service
Services For Education

     Phonic Resources 


If you are fortunate to have a garden area we hope that this will be useful for you

Weekly Worship & Song 5


The fifth in the series of Weekly Worship and Song with Dan and Emily for school and the home.


If you are eligible for FSM  and have not yet received your voucher code for this week, PLEASE email Mrs York-Harris by 11am on Thursday.

Thank you.


If you have not received a voucher but think you may be eligible, please click on the link below and if you are deemed as eligible, screen shot the page and send it to Mrs York-Harris who can apply for vouchers on your behalf.

Once you have received your cheque number and validation code please see the support below


Dear parent and pupil,


Please find your e-cheque details below.

You can redeem your £12 e-cheque here:


Please go to and enter your cheque number and validation code as seen below

Cheque number:

Validation Code:


Please choose which supermarket eVoucher you would like, you must use the full cheque value.


John Lewis/Waitrose

Marks & Spencers





Please enter the denominations required followed by the amount and add to order, Once you have chosen the full value of your cheque select checkout and complete all the required fields on the next screen. Please ensure you check all details before confirming your order. 


The eVoucher is sent instantly to your email address, where they can be spent in store either by presenting your mobile phone or a printed copy.



*Please note that your cheque is only valid for 3 months from the date issued


All supermarkets have exclusions including alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets and fuel - funds must be spent on essential supplies for children free school meal purposes


PLEASE NOTE – If your preferred Digital Supermarket Voucher option isn’t listed on your first visit, please revisit the site later as Sodexo are constantly uploading more Digital Supermarket Voucher stock for Supermarket brands that are in high demand for Free School Meals


*Please note £5 or £10 dominations are only available for Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons

Weekly Worship


 Dan and Emily from Onelife Music will be creating engaging, lively and prayerful retreats on youtube each week. This link will be available in the class page weekly. Try to make some time  for family prayer this week and join in with the beautiful songs and prayers. I hope that you will be strengthened by it.

Mrs Nixon reads, The Elephant and the Bad Baby

Suitable for 3-7 years old

Mrs Nixon Reads, The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Nick Sharratt

Suitable for 3-7

Mrs Nixon reads, The Most Obedient Dog in the World by Anita Jeram

For ages 3-7

Hand washing: how to wash your hands properly

Protect yourself and others from coronavirus: ▶️ Wash your hands more often ▶️ Use soap and water for 20 seconds ▶️ Or use hand sanitiser

On the twentieth of March, twenty-twenty,

I was told that I had to shut school,

I really did not want to close us,

But had to follow the Government’s big rule.


I knew it was going to be difficult,

And it all felt so scary and unknown,

But we made the most of our last day together,

Before I sent you all off, safely home.


We’ve still been here for a few children,

Making sure that they have a great time,

Doing things that we don’t always get time for,

In the great outdoors, under beaming sunshine.


I’ve missed you so much since you left us,

And I think of you in all that I do,

Nothing seems quite right with no children,

And I can’t wait to be reunited with you.


I miss the daily ‘hello’ and ‘welcome’,

And the big rush to all get inside,

Seeing no bags and coats hanging down on the pegs,

The corridors just feel empty and wide.


Daily phonics has stopped with your teachers,

When you learn how to read, spell and write,

The pride on your faces as you learn new words,

And knowing that you’re getting it right!


Daily worship in the hall is missing,

When we gather, talk, listen and share,

Coming as one to give praise and thanks,

Sing songs, reflect and say our prayers.


Our playground is big, grey and empty,

And school is all lonely and bare,

Your games and your chatter are missing,

Spaces are just not right now you’re not there.


I can’t hear you counting and adding,

As you learn in your daily maths time,

There’s no sorting shapes or using measuring tapes,

Or singing and chanting number rhymes.


At lunch the big hall sits all silent,

With the tables and chairs packed away,

They’ve all been cleaned, ‘til they sparkle,

For you to sit at on your return one day.


Science is not being studied,

And PE lessons are now on hold,

History and geography are waiting their turn,

And no children’s stories are being told.

Arts and crafts remain it the cupboard,

Musical instruments can’t play by themselves,

Library books sit there unopened,

Gathering dust on the wooden book shelves.


What’s still here are your wonderful workbooks,

Great displays with your work on the walls,

The photos of reading and writing,

And playing with big bats and balls.


And all the love that I have for you all going nowhere,

It’s safely locked deep down inside,

So when all the germs have been sent far away,

You’ll be here, safely back by my side.






Dear Parents

As we enter week Two of school closure, we hope the following resources along with those that have previously been added will support you child with their home learning.





Extra Information


Mon – Fri

Jo Wicks Morning PE sessions

Physical exercise to raise your heartrate.

If you miss this you can watch the videos later on the YouTube channel.


Mon – Fri

Jump Start Jonny

Fun interactive dance workout.

If you miss this you can watch the videos later on the YouTube channel.

9:30am - Set 1 Speed Sounds

10am - Set 2 Speed Sounds

10:30am - Set 3 Speed Sounds

Ruth Miskin Read Write In Phonic Sessions

These videos are available to watch 24 hours after the original streaming. The Phonics lessons will be available up until 3rd April

9:45am Mon - Fri

Writing with Jane Considine

Watch this video to see how super sentence stacker sentences will work.

A story for the Nation

You can even send your work to Jane.

Twitter @ JaneConsidine

Facebook –The Training Space



11am – Mon - Fri

David Wailliams Story Time

Dr Chip has different activities for each day of the week. If you think you would be interested look ahead – to see what resources you will need.

10am – Mon - Fri

Dr Chip’s daily dose of Science, Engineering and Computing

If you miss this you can watch the videos later on the YouTube channel

11am – Mon - Fri

Body Beats body percussion online lesson

Music – with no instrumnets!

If you miss this you can watch the videos later on the YouTube channel.

11am – Mon - Fri

Let’s Go Live Science with Maddie Moate and Greg Foot

Talking about Science and Nature with a theme each week. If you miss this you can watch the videos later on the YouTube channel.

1pm – Mon - Fri

Natasha Lamb basics of British Sign Language

If you miss this you can watch the videos later on the YouTube channel.


Oliver Jeffers story time

Instagram @oliverjeffers

If you miss this you can watch the videos later on the YouTube channel.

All the Time

Edinburgh Zoo live streaming

Edinburgh Zoo have live cameras on the website running day – night.

All the Time

Art Ninja

Expert art animator who can get you creating.

His Holiness, Pope Francis will be leading us in prayer this Friday at 5:00. Please follow the link for more information

With the prospect of spending many days at home over the next few weeks, what’s better than a TT Rockstars Challenge.  Many of you are familiar with battling each other and some may even battle your teachers!  Now we have moved onto a different levelAre you ready to battle as a whole class?  Are you ready to step up to the challenge?  If the answer is yes, then read on.  Battle of the Bands have been set up for Year 3 to battle Year 4 and for Year 5 to battle Year 6.  Login in the usual way and you will have individual battles set for you but the overall performance of the class will determine who the ultimate winners are.  Who will the winners be? And who will go on to battle for the top spot as Top Class in the school!  More battles will be created each week, so watch this space!

Login Instructions for Classroom Secret

Why not start the day with a workout. Please see the link below. Enjoy!

The 99 Club Challenge is a new resource to the website.
Do you need to improve your multiplication tables knowledge?  Look no further.  Have a go at these courses, they are designed to be used three times per week.  There are options to improve your 2s, 5s and 10s; your 3s, 4s and 8s; your 6s, 7s and 9s and if you're really up for a challenge, all of your multiplication tables.  Please contact school if you need these printing out.  Good luck!

Useful Websites and student Learning packs.


Dear Parent,


Please note Numbots is free to use via TTRockstar website using TTRockstar Login.



Design and Technology


Design and Technology is about providing opportunities for children to develop a variety of skills. By combining their design and making skills, with knowledge and understanding they learn, to create quality products.


 D&T brings learning to life! It is a motivating context for discovering English, Mathematics, Science, Art, PSHE and ICT. Primary D&T also provides a firm basis for later learning in the subject in higher Key Stages and a platform for developing skills in English and Maths. 


Below are some age appropriate challenges for home, however, feel free to get engaged in all of the challenges if you feel capable to do so. Many require materials that can be found at home but feel free to improvise and substitute items if you do no have them readily available. There are also a variety of D&T resources on Twinkl (which is currently free for parents to access). Don't forget to have fun!

Design Technology EYFS

Design Technology KS1

Design Technology KS2

Mrs Nixon reads, The Elephant and the Bad Baby

Suitable for 3-7 years old

Mrs Nixon Reads, The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Nick Sharratt

Suitable for 3-7

Mrs Nixon reads, The Most Obedient Dog in the World by Anita Jeram

For ages 3-7

On the Farm I Spy and Add Activity to 10

Spring I Spy and Count Activity to 10

Need a break from English, Maths and Science? Utilise all of these in one go with D & T Project see below.

Design and Technology


This is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to conduct scientific investigations and work Scientifically (DfE, 2014). Below is a variety of links and documents with different ideas for your Minnie Scientists to explore!

Year 4 Science

Hello and welcome to year 4's class page.  We have lots of fun at school and cover a wide and varied curriculum, please look at the Topic Map for more information.  We hope the attached links and documents are useful.

Y6 spellings for this week and next







  • Covibook – an interactive resource designed to support and reassure children aged 7 and under, designed to help children explain and draw the emotions that they might be experiencing during the pandemic: