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St Columba’s is a Catholic school with Christ’s teachings of love, peace and justice at the heart of all we do

Introduction to the School Standard Committee

School Standard Committee - An introduction to the role of the School Standard Committee

Welcome to the School Standard Committee


St Columba’s Catholic Primary School is part of the Lumen Christi Catholic Multi Academy which comprises of six local Catholic schools in South West Birmingham. :


· St Columba’s Catholic Primary School

· St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School

· St Paul’s Catholic Primary School

· St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

· St James’ Catholic Primary School

  • St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

· St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School


The Lumen Christi Multi Academy is governed by a Board of Directors, who delegate certain responsibilities to each school through their School Standards  Committees. The  School Standards Committee’s primary role is to oversee the strategic management of the school on behalf of the Lumen Christi Multi Academy Board of Directors. They check that the aims and objectives of the school are being delivered, discuss and approve policies, check that the budgets and spending plans are all correct, highlight any areas of concern and act as a “critical friend” to the Principal.


A School Standards  Committee is made up of 12 members.


· 7 Foundation members who are practicing Catholics appointed by the Diocese.

· 2 Parent members who are nominated and elected by the parents of the school.

· 2 Staff members who are nominated and elected by the staff of the school.

· School Principal


Our current Academy committee is:

Mr. David Holmes                      (Foundation member)         CHAIR

Mrs Sarah Farrow                         (Foundation member)

Fr. David Evans                         (Foundation member)        

Mrs Helen Thompson                 (Foundation member)

Miss Sharma Glasford                (Parent member)

Mrs. Zoe Sharman                      (Parent member)

Mrs. Rebecca Nash                    (Executive Principal)

Mrs. Linda Southerton                (Staff member)

Mrs. Mirnerva York-Harris           (Clerk to the LAC)


Contact details for the School Standards Committee

Chair of the School Standards Committee,

St Columba’s Catholic Primary School,

Lickey Road,



B45 8TD


e-mail  (Clerk to the LAC)



The  School Standards Committee


The Committee meet six  times per year - once each half term - plus any additional ‘extraordinary' meetings and training days as and when they are required, for example, to approve a new policy due to new legislation or to discuss an Ofsted inspection report.



The committee meets to discuss and approve the annual budget plan and to check as the year progresses that funds are being spent correctly and within budget. They help to prioritise projects that have been identified by the school in the School Development plan, such as replacing ICT equipment, refurbishment of classrooms etc. A review of the impact of Pupil Premium and Sports Premium funding is also a key activity of this committee.


This committee looks at the curriculum element of the School and how it is progressing against its targets. They ensure that the timetable offers equal opportunities for all pupils, including those with Special Educational Needs and monitors targets and performance levels. The committee also looks at staffing numbers and the procedures for filling vacancies when they arise, induction of newly qualified teachers and any requests for leave, secondment and retirement. They may also deal with any staff disciplinary issues and educational visits for pupils.

Following the sub-committee meetings, if necessary, recommendations are escalated to the Full Academy Committee or the Board of Directors for approval.

Terms of Reference for each of the  Committees are reviewed and approved each academic year.


Meetings are often attended by members of the school’s Senior Leadership Team to help inform the Committees of progress against key priorities. Although they attend the meetings, they are not eligible to vote in any decisions.


Admission Committee


The Admissions committee meet every two weeks to discuss any in year applications and any admission requests/ leavers.


Other Activities


The Committee members are invited to get as involved in school life as often as they can. Individual representatives are linked to a particular House or Subject which involves them coming into school and meeting with the teachers, getting to know the pupils through attending assemblies, Masses and other events thus supporting the school in any way they can. Through meeting 2 or 3 times a year with the Subject Leader they can get a really good idea of how it all works and offer advice and suggestions if required.


Being an Committee member is an enormously challenging but very rewarding experience. It provides an opportunity to develop new skills and strengthen existing ones. We each have the chance to increase our understanding of areas such as finance, personnel, and strategic planning, gaining a greater awareness of the education system as a whole and, most importantly, get a huge sense of satisfaction knowing the children benefit from our efforts.


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