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St Columba’s is a Catholic school with Christ’s teachings of love, peace and justice at the heart of all we do


Class Teacher- Mrs Raymond

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Murphy
Year 4 are extremely hard working and love to learn.

Our children in Year 4 aim to act as role models for the younger children in the school by setting a good example in behaviour and attitude for them to follow.  



There are 5 units to study this term: Christmas, Jesus: Light of the World and Beloved Son, Old Testament: Moses – King David, Lent and Holy Week, The children will also be having regular prayer services which they will lead.




The children will be developing their writing skills whilst focusing on the novel ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo. They will look at and write a range of genres including story, poetry, advertisement, diary entry, letter, instructional text and many more.



This will continue to focus on identifying word classifications: nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. We will also look at punctuation devises such as apostrophes, colons, commas in lists and to mark clauses. The children will also learn to use the correct tense in their writing. The children will also be spelling common homophones; words ending in –ation; adding prefixes sub- and super- and understanding the use of plural possessive apostrophes. Spelling tests will take place every Wednesday.



The children will be reading the novel ‘Kensuke’s Kingdon’ in class together. In addition, the children will continue to have guided reading, in class, for 30 minutes each day. Your child is expected to spend a minimum of 5 minutes a day reading their school reading book at home. Please record all reading, including reading of their home books in their reading record; these will be checked each week.



The children will continue to develop their understanding of 5 digit numbers; strategies for multiplying and dividing; solving word problems; inverse operations; estimating; mental maths skills and reading graphs. ALL TIMES TABLES need to be learnt by heart by the end of year 4. There will be a weekly 99 club challenge maths test as well as regular mental arithmetic tests.



The children will study Living Things and their Habitats and Animals including Humans this term and this will be linked to their topic of uninhabitable places.



The children will be developing their ICT skills through using the mini iPads. The children will continue to use ICT when publishing their work.


TOPIC – ‘Uninhabitable Places’

In topic this term we will be looking at the world and those areas which are difficult for humans to inhabit. We will be looking at the continents, countries, oceans and key geographical features of the world, including mountains, climates and biomes. We will also be studying the Stone Age to the Iron Age and how difficult life was during this time.



The children will be producing art using the Pointillism technique, as well as looking at art from the Stone Age.



The children will be progressing from the fife to playing the flute this term.



Our PSHE topic is called ‘Getting on and falling out’.



Year 4 will be developing their skills through ‘Net and Wall’, which will include tennis, badminton and squash. The children will need their PE kit (a yellow polo shirt and blue shorts) in school every day. Pumps or trainers may be worn, but no fashion footwear is permitted. Jogging trousers will only be allowed in cold weather for lessons outside. PLEASE NOTE: No jewellery is allowed for safety reasons and earrings must be removed before school.



The children will continue to develop their Latin vocabulary and conversation skills.





Year 4 Reading List