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The White Rose 1-minute maths app is a free app available on Apple, Android and Kindle app stores that gives children quick 1-minute practice session on the fundamental skills of mathematics. Doing 1 minute’s practice a day through the app will have a huge boost on children’s confidence and ability in Maths.

Adding and Subtracting topics are suitable for children right the way from Reception, and there are Multiplication and Division practice topics too for KS2. There is a wall chart for keeping track of their scores you can download (also free) from our school website. Your child’s class teacher can advise on what topic it would be most beneficial for them to practice.


The app is aimed at building confidence in the number facts children were taught in KS1. When children find Maths hard in KS2 it is often because they don’t have enough confidence in their quick mental maths and practice of the most basic calculations to achieve speedy recall is a huge confidence boost and frees up more brainpower to focus on the trickier parts of the questions.


Your child can choose the topic they want to try. They then answer a unique series of questions (so it’s a different set of questions every time). If they’re struggling with a question, a ‘Hint’ button will give a helpful clue by showing the question in a different but familiar way. When the one minute’s up, they’ll see their score – how many they got right over how many they were able to attempt in the 1 minute time.


The benefits of this app are:

  1. It provides excellent practice – and no distractions.
  2. A clear, intuitive process that children pick up straight away.
  3. No login or internet access needed. Just download and play.
  4. Enjoyable and motivating… How many can they get correct in one minute?
  5. Brilliant for building number fluency and confidence.
  6. It’s FREE!