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St Columba’s is a Catholic school with Christ’s teachings of love, peace and justice at the heart of all we do

At St. Columba’s, we strongly believe that History plays an important role in developing pupils’ perspectives of the past, which in turn, influences their perspective of the modern world. We have created a high-quality, fully inclusive History Curriculum, which engages, inspires and challenges all pupils, irrespective of disadvantage and special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Children with special educational needs are encouraged to access all aspects of learning during lessons and the individual needs of all children are taken into consideration. Teachers carefully plan and adapt lesson PowerPoints and resources to meet the needs of all children, enabling them to learn and develop new skills.


We teach History in a creative and inspiring way to stimulate children’s curiosity to learn more about the past. At all times children will be encouraged to ask questions about changes in society and culture over time, and to deepen their understanding of how the world we know today was formed. We ensure that through our History Curriculum our Gospel values are reflected, and that pupils’ are continuously compassionate and loving towards those in the past who have helped to shape our lives today.


From Reception through to Year 6, with high quality teaching, we develop the following essential characteristics of historians:

• an excellent chronological understanding of how different times relate to each other and contribute to a logical understanding of the past.

• a range and depth of historical knowledge and understanding through a coherent programme of study, which builds on knowledge from the Early Years through to the end of Key Stage 2.

• the skills of interpreting a range of historical resources by ensuring that children are taught a wide range of historical periods as they progress through the school, enabling them to make connections, draw conclusions and analyse trends.

• the ability to understand the methods of historical enquiry, including how evidence is used to make historical claims.

• the skills to create historically valid questions and express well balanced opinions as a result of good knowledge and understanding of how the past has shaped our lives today.


Skilful planning ensures that opportunities for cross curricular links are provided, which will enable children to question their understanding of the past. Educational visits and workshops will also be provided to bring History alive and further develop their historical skills and a life-long love of History.