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St Columba’s is a Catholic school with Christ’s teachings of love, peace and justice at the heart of all we do

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What are the Mini Vinnies?

‘Mini Vinnies’ is the name for a St Vincent de Paul Group for primary aged children. We get  together to organise and talk about helping others in need within our school community and worldwide. 


What happens at a Mini Vinnies’ meeting?


Mrs Nixon co-ordinates the group and gives help and advice on the practicalities of ideas.

  • The older children open the meeting with a prayer
  • A short spiritual reading/ reflection/ piece of music/ meditation follows the prayer.
  •  Group members then talk about the Mini Vinnies' activities they have done since the previous meeting. Any future plans are then discussed, shared and auctioned.


Our Mini Vinnies & Liturgy Leaders for 2022/23:



Mini Vinnies

Liturgy Leaders







Danny & Emiyah

Amy & George D.


Stefan & Liliana

Orlagh & Bobby


Daniel & Alaya

Mitchell & Niyathi


Frankie & Isla

Jenna & Robyn



Emily & Kaden








The Mini Vinnies work together with Father Srinu and SVP members from Our Lady of Perpetual Succour parish.  Keep checking our Catholic Life page to find out information about this terms projects. 

Before Christmas 2022 the Mini Vinnies visited the SVP group in Our Lady's Church Hall to help sort and pack food bags for those in need of help.




The Mini Vinnies often lead the collection of charitable donations so that we may look after the needy or the homeless in our community. During the month of November the Mini Vinnies help in the sale of poppies in aid of the British Legion.


Liturgy Leaders

Our Liturgy Leaders help set up for our weekly collective worship prayer service within the classroom. They chose how to dress the prayer space and they lead the class in the prayers. Liturgy leaders are often called upon for other duties also, such as planting bulbs in our prayer garden and decorating the prayer garden as the liturgical season changes. 





Our Mini Vinnies and our Liturgy Leaders