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Online Resources


All children from Year 1 to Year 6 have access to suitable online resources to support their Maths work. Children will be provided with their logins at the start of the year - if lost, you can request them again from your class teacher or from the school Maths Coordinator (Mr C Richards) via the school office. 


Year 1 - Numbots

Year 2, 3 and 4 - Times Table Rockstars

Year 5 and 6 - IXL


All children will still have access to their previous logins as well so children from UKS2 can still access TTR and Numbots, children from LKS2 can still access Numbots.


Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check


In Year 4, all children complete a statutory government test on their times tables in the summer term. The test consists of 25 questions on their times tables from 1x to 12x with the aim that children should be able to achieve 25 by the end of Year 4. The test is completed online with a timer of 6 seconds per question and results are then sent to us by the government. 


Practice for the test can be completed at and children use this resource in school during Year 4. Practice of times tables on Times Table Rockstars is heavily encouraged during Years 3 and 4 to build up knowledge and speed.


All children are well prepared in school and their progress closely monitored throughout the year. It is vital that children in Year 4 (and 3) are practicing their times tables, particularly trying to build up accuracy and speed, at home as well as in school though for them to achieve the best results.

Simple Guide to Column Addition

Uploaded by Mr Richards on 24-02-2024.

Simple Guide to Column Subtraction

Uploaded by Mr Richards on 24-02-2024.

Simple Guide to Written Multiplication

Uploaded by Mr Richards on 24-02-2024.

Simple Guide to Short Division

Uploaded by Mr Richards on 24-02-2024.