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St Columba’s is a Catholic school with Christ’s teachings of love, peace and justice at the heart of all we do

Design Technology



At St Columba’s Catholic Primary School, we intend to build a Design Technology curriculum which develops learning and results in the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Children will know more, remember more and understand more. We intend to design a design technology curriculum with appropriate subject knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum Design Technology Programmes of study, to fulfil the duties of the NC whereby schools must provide a balanced and broadly-based curriculum which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils and prepares them for the opportunities and responsibilities and experiences for later life.


- Clear and comprehensive scheme of work in line with the National Curriculum. The Design Technology National Curriculum and EYFS is planned for and covered in full within the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 school curriculum. Whilst the EYFS and National Curriculum forms the foundation of our curriculum, we make sure that children learn additional skills, knowledge and understanding and enhance our curriculum as and when necessary.

-Delivery of design and technology projects with a clear structure. Each year group will undertake a construction topic, a textile topic and a food/drink topic.

-Delivery showing clear following of the design process where each project fill follows: research, design, make and evaluate.

-A range of skills will be taught ensuring that children are aware of health and safety issues related to the tasks undertaken.

-Clear and appropriate cross curricular links to underpin learning in multi areas across the curriculum giving the children opportunities to learn life skills and apply skills to ‘hands on’ situations in a purposeful context.

-Design Technology focussed displays in every classroom alongside celebrating the outstanding three dimensional creations on display throughout the school. These displays celebrate exceptional practice and exemplify terminology and vocabulary used.


-Children will have clear enjoyment and confidence in design and technology that they will then apply to other areas of the curriculum.

-Children will ultimately know more, remember more and understand more about Design Technology, demonstrating this knowledge when using tools or skills in other areas of the curriculum and in opportunities out of school.

-The large majority of children will achieve age related expectations in Design Technology.

-As designers children will develop skills and attributes they can use beyond school and into adulthood.

St Columba’s Catholic Primary School - Design and Technology Curriculum plan

Year group

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Textiles – picture frame

Christmas Cards

Junk model rockets

Fruit salad

Father’s Day cards (levers)

Fabric – upcycle trousers

Year 1

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Stable Structures - Toy Car Garages

Moving Mini beasts

Fabric faces

Jack and Beanstalk

Pirate Paddy’s Packed Lunch Problem

Year 2

Perfect Pizzas



Dips and Dippers

Fabric Bunting

Moving Pictures

Year 3

Story Books

British Inventors

Juggling Balls

The Great Bread Bake Off

Let’s go fly a kite

Light up Signs

Year 4

Making Mini Greenhouses

Seasonal Stockings

Wonderful Weaving

Edible garden

Mechanical posters

Battery Operated Lights

Year 5

Fashion and Textiles

Super Seasonal Foods

Building Bridges

Automata Animals

Programming adventures

Marbulous Creations

Year 6


Christmas Cards – sliders and levers

Buzz the Wire

Global food

Bird House Builders

Felt Phone Cases



Cooking and Nutrition

Mechanical Systems

Stable Structures

Programming and Electrical Systems