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St Columba’s is a Catholic school with Christ’s teachings of love, peace and justice at the heart of all we do

St Columba’s Catholic Primary School - Design and Technology Curriculum plan

Year group

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Textiles – picture frame

Christmas Cards

Junk model rockets

Fruit salad

Father’s Day cards (levers)

Fabric – upcycle trousers

Year 1

Eat More Fruit & Vegetables (Planning Bee) or dips & dippers (PKC)

Toy Car Garages (Planning Bee)

Moving Mini beasts (Planning Bee)

Fabric faces (Twinkl)

Jam tarts and Mince pies (PKC)

Pirate Paddy’s Packed Lunch Problem (Twinkl)

Year 2

Perfect Pizzas (PKC or Planning Bee)

Vehicles (Planning Bee)

Puppets (Planning Bee) or pencil cases (PKC)

Gingerbread (PKC)

Fabric Bunting (Twinkl)

Moving Pictures (PKC)

Year 3

British Inventors (Planning Bee)

Fabric Key ring decorations (PKC) or juggling balls (Twinkl)

Pop up books (PKC) or story books (Planning Bee)

The Great Bread bake off (Twinkl) or bread & butter or pasta (PKC)

Let’s go fly a kite (Twinkl)

Light up Signs (Planning Bee)

Year 4

Making Mini Greenhouses (Planning Bee)

Seasonal Stockings (Planning Bee)

Moving miniature playgrounds (PKC)

Seasonal Foods (Planning Bee) or apple crumble or ratatouille and couscous (PKC)

Cushions (PKC)

Battery Operated Lights (Twinkl)

Year 5

Fashion and Textiles (Planning Bee) or Bags (PKC)

Super Seasonal Cooking (Twinkl) or Honey cake/pitta bread (PKC)

Building Bridges (Planning Bee)

Automata Animals (Twinkl) or Cams Toys (PKC)

Programming adventures (Twinkl)

Marbulous Creations (Twinkl)

Year 6

Burgers (Planning Bee)

Water walls (PKC)

Electrical toys (PKC)

Global food (Twinkl)

Bird House Builders (Planning Bee)

Felt Phone Cases (Twinkl) or upcycling fashion (PKC)



Cooking and Nutrition

Mechanical Systems

Stable Structures

Programming/electrical Systems