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Year 3 Class Teacher: Mrs Simmons

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Welcome to Year 2


Year Two 2019-20

Class Teacher- Mrs Simmons/ Mrs McGovern

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Ryan


Year 2 are a happy, hardworking, and motivated class who love learning and working together


Hello Year 2. We hope you are all safe and well. We are missing you all very much and can't wait to be back together again. Thank you to all those who are uploading their work to the Padlet. Mrs Simmons, Mrs McGovern and Mrs Ryan have enjoyed looking at all your wonderful work. Keep it up!


Home Learning Year 2


Week Beginning - July 13th


Wednesday - Zoom Meeting 11am

This Wednesday Mrs McGovern will be holding a Zoom Meeting for Year 2.

Hopefully this week there wont be any confusion!

Please look out for the zoom meeting details via Text this week.



Thursday- Zoom Meeting 1.30pm 

This Thursday Mrs Simmons, Mrs Yarnold and Miss Gittings will be holding a transition to Year 3 zoom meeting- how exciting!  We can't wait to see you all.  

As we will not be able to have a transition meeting in school, we would like you to have a think about your hopes for year 3, what you may be looking forward to, anything you may be worried or wondering about and any questions you may have. Perhaps create a piece of writing or poster about these and share this on the Padlet. We will be able to have a look at them before the transition zoom meeting and we can discuss them then.

Please look out for the zoom meeting details via text this week. 





Below you will find the new spellings for this week.

If you go through the Power point and then complete the Look/Cover/Write/Check and then complete the matching activity sheet.  When you have completed this, take a picture of your work and upload it to our class Padlet page, the link for this is below.



The activity for the maths can be found in the documents below.  Please let the children go through the maths video first before completing the activity. 

Please complete the Summer Term, Week 10 section.

Once finished, take a picture and upload to our Year 2 Padlet page!




As we have come to the end of our History and PSHE topics for this half term we have included a transition booklet for you to complete for Mrs Simmons ready for you to join Year 3 in September.  She would love to receive these upon your return so keep hold of them once you have finished!





Please use the link for this weeks Maths learning and complete lesson 2, the activity sheet can be found below.  Watch the video link carefully before completing the attached activity and once completed, take a picture and share your work to our class Padlet.



For English today we would like you to complete the English Year 2 revision mats. This should hopefully help you to practice your skills in preparation for Year 3.

Don't forget to share your work on our padlet! 



Continuing with our transition this week, please find attached an English transition booklet. This will help you to look at the skills you will need going into Year 3.

You will also find a memories attachment. This might be difficult given the unprecedented times we have been through but perhaps you could focus on your best memories of lockdown! 

have you enjoyed being with your family? Playing in the sunshine in your garden? Making crafts with your family? Participating in our zoom calls?

Share your favourite parts to our padlet!







As a Maths warm up today, practise your x 2, x 5 and x 10 tables. You may want to chant them and then see if someone at home can test you on them . Keep practising these at home. We may have a timetables quiz when we return to school to see whose been learning them. To challenge yourself try to count in tens from any number e.g 4, 14, 24, 34 ...

Please complete the worksheet at the bottom of the page.  



Reading is going to be a big focus in Year 3. Today we would like you to design a bookmark that you can bring to school with you in September and I will laminate for you to then use throughout the year. Be as creative as you can. Remember to share your book marks on the Padlet. 



Cards/ letters for Mrs McMcAleenan:


Thank you for all your lovely cards and messages last week for Mrs McGovern, she was delighted to read them all. As you may know Mrs McAleenan is also leaving at the end of term to go on to be a headteacher at another school. Just like you did last week , I would like you to make her a card, write a letter, draw a picture -whatever you'd like to do. Remember to put these on the Padlet and I will print them to put into a card for Mrs McAleenan. 





 For RE this week I would like you to write a prayer for your return to school and starting year 3. You might want to thank God for your school, friends and teachers and perhaps ask God for help with your return to school, your feelings and anything you may be worried about. Write your prayers in your best handwriting and decorate them as I will print them to put up in our new Year 3 Classroom. I have been very busy getting the classroom ready for you all and can’t wait to welcome you all back! 





As a warm up today practise your number bonds to 10 and 20 e.g 5+ 5= 10, 6 + 4 = 10... Try to learn them off by heart. Please continue with the worksheet at the bottom of this page. Remember to share your work on the Padlet. 




When you return to school we will be seeing how many of the Year 2 common exception words you can spell. I know some of you can spell all of these words and you have been practising at home. Today is a chance to practise words you may not be able to spell and put them into a sentence.  I have put the year 3 list so you can start to look at some of the words we will be spelling next school year. You may want to start learning some of those words. Remember to share your work on the Padlet. 



Today I would like you to draw around one of your hands and decorate it nice and bright and colourful. These will be used for a display  in our new Year 3 classroom. Remember to share them on the Padlet and keep hold of them to bring with you in September. 






Continue to practise your number bonds to 10 and 20 e.g 5+ 5= 10, 6 + 4 = 10... Try to learn them off by heart. Today is  Maths challenge Friday . Follow the link below:




At the bottom of this page you will see a Year 2 Summer English activity book for you to practise your year 2 skills. We would like you to start that today and you might like  to complete some over the holidays when you have some time. But do remember to have a good rest! 


Golden Time:

If we were in school on this last day of the school year, we would have had some golden time. So this afternoon I would like you to choose something fun to do at home. Maybe some baking, artwork, a visit to the park, watching a film..... 

Enjoy some time with your family.

You have all worked so hard in the time that we were in school and then at home. We are very proud of you all and I cannot wait for your return to school in September. I am the luckiest person being able to be your teacher again. Parents-  thank you for your excellent support this year and in particular in home schooling your children so brilliantly (something we would never have imagined would happen) I look forward to seeing you all in September.  Have a wonderful, restful, well deserved Summer holiday. Let's hope the sun shines.  Stay safe. God bless.  


Well done for all of your hard work this week. It has been lovely to see your work on the Padlet. Have a lovely, restful weekend. Make sure you are good and stay safe! 


Mrs Simmons, Mrs McGovern and Mrs Ryan