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Will I be involved in the decisions made around the needs of my child?

Will I be involved in the decisions made around the needs of my child?


We believe that you are expert at knowing your own child. We know you know them best and we want to work with you to ensure your child is happy, safe and making progress in school.


If a teacher feels concerned about a child in their class, the child’s parents will always be the first person they talk to about those concerns. Decisions about where to go from there will then be made together. Please read St Columba’s SEN Support Cycle for more detailed information on this process.


Our school has an open door policy to parents ensuring we are always approachable so parents feel involved in the education of their child.


In addition our school aims to regularly involve parents in the education of their child through a variety of different ways including:


  • Regular meetings with SENCo, class teacher and support staff. Please contact us if there is anything you need to discuss.

  • Target setting so parents can see what their child is working on next

  • Home/school books (where required) to inform parents of important information

  • Regular curriculum letter to inform parents of what will be going on during the term

  • Home reading logs

  • Information on the school website

  • Parents’ evenings

  • Signposting to parent groups

  • Parents’ views on IEP/Annual Review documents