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10.03.23 - Snow Closure Work


Maths - a quick activity on comparing lengths using inequality symbols ( <, > and = ) just to keep our current topic fresh in their minds.


English - Looking at the 5W's for a newspaper report, again to keep our current English work fresh in our minds. Using the ideas in the grid, write an opening paragraph for your newspaper report. Challenge yourself to try and include a fronted adverbial and an expanded noun phrase. If you are feeling really adventurous, have a go at writing the whole report.


Art - Make the best snowman you can and take a great photo of it to show us! - best photo wins


Science  -What plants need to grow.


A big thank you all for the fantastic costumes the children came in on World Book Day. They all looked amazing and were so excited about the day.


Miss Brassington

Homework this week is all based around Science Week with the theme of 'Connections'. 

This ties in with National Science Week (10-19th March).

There are lots of activities you can try out at home. You can find all the activities on the following link

Science week will be between the 10th to the 19th March. It would be lovely if you could choose one of these activities to have a go at home and make it into a little project which will be displayed and shared in school for that week. There will a prize for the winning entry.

Miss Brassington