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St Columba’s is a Catholic school with Christ’s teachings of love, peace and justice at the heart of all we do

Additions to our Risk Assessment on 8th March 2021 following advice from Birmingham City Council on 18th June 2021



Enhanced area of response:




  • CEV staff are advised to work from home where possible but can attend their place of work if they cannot work from home.


  • The government has issued new advice on travel and socialising, including minimising travel into and out of the area (Birmingham) and not taking unnecessary journeys. Dr Varney says that due to Birmingham being an area of enhanced response travel should be minimised to essential trips only.
    No trips to take place- none however have been planned.
    If you have trips arranged outside of the Birmingham boundary, we would suggest you rearrange these to locations within the city if possible. All trips will need a robust risk assessment and follow strict safety measures.
  • Trips should be cancelled if any COVID-19 outbreaks are recorded within the setting.
  • Sports days can go ahead with pupils and students remaining in their bubbles, and early years children should remain in their consistent groups.  Sports days have been planned and will go ahead with bubbles in place and no mixing.
  • Sports equipment should be regularly cleaned throughout the event. 
  • Spectators must adhere to current social distancing requirements. Where events take place outdoors, spectators can gather in separate groups of up to 30 – the legal gathering limit. Multiple groups of 30 are permitted. No spectators in school.


  • Large group gatherings indoors for more than one group should be avoided. This includes assemblies or mass worship. No assemblies or Masses taking place collectively
  • Contact should be minimised between groups. Pupils remain in year group bubbles with no mixing.
  • Outdoor events are generally lower risk but will still require robust planning and measurements in place. A leavers’ celebration or prom that caters for more than one bubble or consistent group can be undertaken, as long as the groups continue to be kept separate.
  • Parents attending outdoor events must adhere to current social distancing requirements. Where outdoors spectators can gather in groups of up to 30 – the legal gathering limit. Multiple groups of 30 are permitted.
  • Robust risk assessments must be in place for the providers.
  • Experiences should be arranged at providers within the Birmingham boundary if possible due to travel restrictions. No visits outside of the Birmingham area.